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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Diagram showing a combination of δ13CCH4 and δDCH4 to classify the microbial and thermogenic origins of coalbed methane in AA-1 core samples from the Asem-Asem Basin, Indonesia. The coalbed methane of AA-1 core samples (red solid circles) is plotted to a mixture of methyl-type fermentation and CO2 reduction, and transition between microbial and thermogenic origins in the gas genetic field of Whiticar (1999). Coalbed methane from the Ordos Basin, China (open circles, Zhang et al., 2019), and the Powder River Basin, USA (open triangles, Flores et al., 2008). Headspace gases from marine sediments in the East Sea (open rectangular, Chun et al., 2011).
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