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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Photographs showing various lithologies of the lower part of clastic sedimentary rocks (SU-1a) in core AA-1 from the Asem-Asem Basin. (a) Serpentine (Sp) basement and overlying breccia (Bc) are separated by an unconformity reveal at the 525~528 meter below surface (mbs) below which weathered serpentine (wSp) was formed. (b) Various lithologies of coaly shale (Cs), gravelstone (G), sandstone (Sd), and mudstone (M) were deposited at 519.5~522 mbs. (c) The thick-bedded coaly shale appear at 513.4~517 mbs. (d) Alteration of mudstone (M) and siltstone (St), coaly shale, and coal were deposited at 457.1~463.8 mbs. Enlarged view of (e) massive gravelstone, (f) bioturbated mudstone, (g) wavy-laminated siltstone, and (h) volcanic ash-rich coaly shale.
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