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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Photomicrographs of the thin-sections for the rock samples. (a) Myeonsan Formation containing very fine sand-sized quartz (Qz), detrital heavy minerals (Hm), and clay minerals. (b) Dolomite crystals and a fossil fragment composed of calcite from the Daegi Formation (c) Limestone-shale couplet in the Hwajeol Formation. The light-gray lime mudstone is interbedding with brownish shale. (d) The Dongjeom Formation consisting of mainly monocrystalline quartz (Mono-qz) and minor polycrystalline quartz (Poly-qz). The monocrystalline quartz grains commonly show overgrowth. (e) The Dumugol Formation shows intercalation of lime mudstone and wacke- to packstone. Euhedral dolomite (Dl) crystals are abundant in the wacke- to packstone. (f) Massive micrite of the Makgol Formation.
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