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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. (A) Study area (green solid rectangle) locates in the western part of the Gyeonggi Massif, middle part of the Korean peninsula. CFS: Chugaryung Fault System, YSF: Yangsan Fault, GY: Gyeongju earthquake, PO: Pohang earthquake. (B) The NNE-SSW directing Chugaryung Fault System (CFS in A) is composed of several fault lines numbered by 1 ~ 7. Gravity stations in the study area were about 5,000 points, which are indicated by green dots. (C) The Annual frequency of earthquake registered in the study area shows a clear difference before and after the Gyeongju earthquake (black rectangle). The annual earthquake frequency after the Gyeongju earthquake increased rapidly to more than 4 times.
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