Economic and Environmental Geology

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Fig. 6.

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Fig. 6. Microphotographs of enclaves in TTR dykes. (a) Splint of biotite in an enclave of orthoclase feldspar. (b) mesotype in a pelite enclave. (c) chloritized biotite. (d) dolerite fragments and mesotype in orthoclase feldspar. (e) biotite and iron oxide in orthoclase feldspar. (f) enclave of calcite. Bt: biotite, Bt Chlo: chloritized biotite, Cal: calcite, Mes: mesotype, Ort: orthoclase feldspar, Oxy: iron oxide, Pel: pelite. (a, b, c, d & e): TL, nic. +; (f): TL, nic. //, TL: transmitted light, nic. //: parallel nicols, nic. +: crossed nicols.
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