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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Microphotographs of TTR dykes (TL, nic. +). (a) elongated green actinolite and apatite crossing the alkaline feldspars and plagioclases. (b) chloritized amphibole with two 60° cleavage planes, actinolite and hematite. (c) chloritized pyroxene with perpendicular cleavage planes, chloritized amphibole and feldspar. (d) chloritized pyroxene in mesostasis aggregates of feldspar, actinolite, apatite, hematite and iron oxide. (e) zoom of (b). (f) zoom of (c). (g) mesotype surrounded by calcite. (h) globular mesotype, amphibole and feldspar. (i) elongated mesotype and calcite in the orthoclase feldspar enclave. (j) lozenge chloritized sphene with irregular cracks. (k) elongated actinolite crossing the feldspar. (l) biotite, actinolite and feldspar. Act: Actinolite, Ap: apatite, Am: amphibole, Bt: biotite, Cal: calcite, Fsp: alkaline feldspar and plagioclase, Hem: hematite, Ort: orthoclase feldspar, Mes: mesotype, Px: pyroxene, Sph: sphene, Oxy: iron oxide, TL: transmitted light, nic. +: crossed nicols.
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