Economic and Environmental Geology

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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. (a) Simplified geological map of the eastern Anti-Atlas. (b) Simplified geological map of the Tafilalet region, based on the compilation of five maps of the Moroccan cartographic program « Plan National de Cartographie Géologique, programme Tafilalet 2009 », (Álvaro et al. 2014a-b, Benharref et al. 2014a-b-c), with the works of Destombes and Hollard (1986), Baidder et al. (2016). Location of magmatic bodies: (A) west of Rissani, (B) north Erg Chebbi, (C) Widane Chebbi, (D) NE of M’Fis, (E) upstream of Ziz valley, (F) Douar Oum El Hadj, (G) Marzouga, (H) M’Fis, (I) eastern M’Fis, (J) middel of the Ziz valley, (K) Znaigui, (L) Tadaout, (M) Begaa, (N) eastern Taouz, (O) Jbel El Mraier. Blue rectangle indicates the study area.
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