Economic and Environmental Geology

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Fig. 7.

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Fig. 7. Photographs of facies association 3 (FA-3, DW-5, DW-6). (a) Burrow (arrows) in the homogeneous purple mudstone (Mp). (b) Calcrete nodules in the homogeneous purple mudstone (Mp). (c) Trough-filling conglomerate (Gt) shows a concave-up erosional lower boundary (solid lines). Note subangular to angular pebble to boulder-sized rip-up mudstone clasts. (d) Horizontally stratified sandstone (Sh) composed of alternating layers of coarse sand to granule. (e) Poorly sorted massive sandstone (Sm). (f) Ripple crosslaminated sandstone (Sr, dashed lines) at the top of the homogeneous purple mudstone (Mp).
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