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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Photographs of facies association 1 (FA-1, DW-1 to DW-3). (a) Outcrop view of FA-1. Massive conglomerate (Gm) resting on the concave-up erosional lower boundary (solid lines). (b) Close-up view of massive conglomerate (Gm). Subrounded to rounded blade-shaped clasts exhibiting a(t)b(i) imbrication and clast-supported fabrics. (c) Cross-bedding (dashed lines) of planar cross-stratified conglomerate or gravelly sandstone (Gp/gSp). (d) Close-up view of the horizontally stratified sandstone (Sh). (e) Poorly sorted massive sandstone (Sm). (f) A gradual contact between the underlying ripple cross-laminated sandstone (Sr, dashed lines) and the overlying gray mudstone (Mg).
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