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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Massive yellowish pebble-bearing carbonate rock from the Nampyeong-ri (NP) site (A), which is characterized by the typical phengite aggregates scattered in the rock with white-colored and several centimeters in length (B), and its back-scattered electron (BSE) microscopic image (C) and polarized microscopic image under crossed polarized light (XPL) mode after alizarin red S staining (D), showing that the aggregate is composed of polycrystalline phengite with less than 100 μm in size and is surrounded by calcitefillings (stained as red). XPL (E and H) and BSE (F, G, and I) images of a pebble-bearing carbonate rock found in the Gwangha-ri (GH) site, showing a typical texture composed of sub-rounded single crystalline dolomite and quartz grains (E, F, and G), and a finegrained dolomite aggregate (H and I) with phengite in matrix. Abbreviations: dol; dolomite, cal; calcite, phen; phengite, and qtz; quartz.
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