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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Representative photomicrographs showing deformed microstructures from the biotite gneiss (a)-(d) and from the Gamaksan metasyenite (e)-(h) in the Munsan area. Observed microstructures from the deformed quartz and feldspar grains and their deformation conditions are summarized in Table 1. Abbreviation: DT, Deformation twinnig; GBM, Grain boundary migration; Grt, Garnet; Kfs, K-feldspar; Ms, Muscovite; Px, Patch extincion; Qtz, Quartz; RFs, Recrystallized feldspar; RQtz, Recrystallized quartz; SG, Subgrain; Ux, Undulose extinction.
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