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    Global Trends of Unconventional CBM Gas Science Information

    Jin-Dong Cho* and Jong-hyun Kim

    Econ. Environ. Geol. 2013; 46(4): 351-358

    Abstract : Methane burns more clearly than any other fossil fuels. Coalbed methane(CBM) is natural gas contained in coal beds. This gas is usually producted from coal that is either too deep or too poor-quality to be mined commercially. While global coalbed methane resource estimates are rough, they indicate between 84 and 377tcm, which compares with proven natural gas reserves of 180tcm. Coalbed methane resources are currently only produced on a major scale in the United States, Canada, Australia and China. In this study, we analysed total 109 published papers for the CBM during the 1990~2012 periods by the programs of ‘web of science’. The results of analysis, the CBM study led by the United States, the follow India and Australia. In subject area(web of sciences), Energy Fuels is 57, Engineering 58 and Geology 41 papers, respectively.

  • Review Article2013-08-31

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    Geochemical Evaluation and Characterization of the Shale Gas Resources

    Young-Joo Lee*

    Econ. Environ. Geol. 2013; 46(4): 359-373

    Abstract : Shale is considered as a source rock for conventional oil and gas exploration and development because shale is fine-grained detrital sedimentary rock which can preserve the organic matter better. Shale has a good sealing capacity for the petroleum trap due to its low permeability. Commercial recoveries of gas from shale in the North America based on the development of technologies of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing reveal that shale also function as a effective reservoir rock. Geochemical techniques to evaluate generation potential of the hydrocarbons from organic matter in the source rocks can be applied for the exploration of the shale gas resources. To evaluate shale gas resources, it is important to understand various geochemical processes and shale characteristics controlling generation, storage and estimation of shale gas reserves. In this paper, the generation mechanism of the oil and gas from organic matter is reviewed, and geochemical techniques which can be applied for the evaluation and characterization of shale gas are introduced.

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