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Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Aug;50(4):257-324
Original Articles
The pH Reduction of the Recycled Aggregate Originated from the Waste Concrete by the scCO2 Treatment
Chul-woo Chung, Minhee Lee, Seon-ok Kim and Jihyun Kim
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Aug;50(4):257-66
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting of Electrical Conductivity in Coastal Aquifers
Jeong-Woung Ju and In Wook Yeo
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Aug;50(4):267-76
Prediction of Lahar Flow Inundation Areas Using LAHARZ_py Program: Application for the Mt. Baekdu Volcano
Sung-Hyo Yun and Cheolwoo Chang
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Aug;50(4):277-86
Genetic Environments of the High-purity Limestone in the Upper Zone of the Daegi Formation at the Jeongseon-Samcheok Area
Chang Seong Kim, Seon-Gyu Choi, Gyu-Bo Kim, Jeonggeuk Kang, Kyeong Bae Kim, Hagsoo Kim, Jeongsang Lee and In-Chang Ryu
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Aug;50(4):287-302
Evaluation of the Sealing Capacity of the Supercritical CO2 by the Measurement of Its Injection Pressure into the Tuff and the Mudstone in the Janggi Basin
Jeongpil An, Minhee Lee and Sookyun Wang
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Aug;50(4):303-11
Short Note
A Preliminary Survey Result of Cu Occurrence in Tsogttsetsii Area, Mongolia
In Joon Kim, Jae Ho Lee, Chung-Ryul Ryoo, Bum-Han Lee, Kwang Min Jin, Otgon-Erdene Davaasuren, Chul-Ho Heo and Hyeong Tae Nam
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Aug;50(4):313-24
Economic and Environmental Geology is official journal of the Korean society of economic and environmental gelology. Abbreviated title is ''Econ. Environ. Geol.''. Economic and Environmental Geology was renamed from formerly the Journal of the Korean Institute of Mining Geology...
Construction of Precise Digital Terrain Model for Nonmetal Open-pit Mine by Using Unmanned Aerial Photograph
Seong-Jun Cho, Eun-Seok Bang and Il-Mo Kang
Received June 23, 2015; Accepted June 26, 2015.
Prospects for Worldwide CBM(Coalbed Methane) Development
Young-In Kim
Received January 20, 2015; Accepted February 23, 2015.
Case Study of Pharmaceutical Ingredients Derived from Clay Minerals
Su-Eon Jin, Jangik Ike Lee and Sung-Joo Hwang
Received June 25, 2015; Accepted June 27, 2015.