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Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Oct;50(5):325-422
Original Articles
Mineralogy and Genetic Environments of the Seongdo Pb-Zn deposit, Goesan
Seongyeol Ahn and Dongbok Shin
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Oct;50(5):325-40
Rapid Detection of Radioactive Strontium in Water Samples Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
Jin-young Park, Hyun-a Kim, Kihong Park and Kyoung-woong Kim
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Oct;50(5):341-52
Uranium Concentrations in Groundwater of the Goesan Area, Korea
Byong-Wook Cho
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Oct;50(5):353-61
Application of Cyber Physical System (CPS) for Risk Management of a CO2 Storage Site
Jina Jeong, Eungyu Park, Seong-Chun Jun, Hyun-Jun Kim and Seong-Taek Yun
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Oct;50(5):363-73
Short Notes
A Preliminary Study on the Igneous Layering and Concentration of Fe-Ti Oxide Minerals within Amphibolite in Soyeonpyeong Island
Eui-Jun Kim
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Oct;50(5):375-87
Patent Trend Analysis of Carbon Capture/Storage/Utilization Technology
Junhee Bae, Hangyeol Seo, Eunyoung Ahn and Jaewook Lee
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Oct;50(5):389-400
Review Articles
Groundwater Monitoring Network for Earthquake Surveillance and Prediction
Hyun A Lee, Se-Yeong Hamm and Nam C. Woo
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Oct;50(5):401-14
Analysis of Future Geoscience and Mineral Resources Technologies in Korea and Japan over the Next 30 Years
Eun-Young Ahn
Econ. Environ. Geol. 2017 Oct;50(5):415-22
Economic and Environmental Geology is official journal of the Korean society of economic and environmental gelology. Abbreviated title is ''Econ. Environ. Geol.''. Economic and Environmental Geology was renamed from formerly the Journal of the Korean Institute of Mining Geology...
Construction of Precise Digital Terrain Model for Nonmetal Open-pit Mine by Using Unmanned Aerial Photograph
Seong-Jun Cho, Eun-Seok Bang and Il-Mo Kang
Received June 23, 2015; Accepted June 26, 2015.
Prospects for Worldwide CBM(Coalbed Methane) Development
Young-In Kim
Received January 20, 2015; Accepted February 23, 2015.
Case Study of Pharmaceutical Ingredients Derived from Clay Minerals
Su-Eon Jin, Jangik Ike Lee and Sung-Joo Hwang
Received June 25, 2015; Accepted June 27, 2015.